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The Bavarian States Spa

The Spas of Bad Steben are a salvation and blessing

The history of the Spa is closely connected with the water of the „Stebener“ Spas, which have always thought to have curative effects. This treasure has been known for more than 500 years; a Medicus determined in the beginning of the 18th century: „The Stebener acidulous spring cannot be paid for with any amount of gold."

On 8th June 1832 the Kingdom of Bavaria bought the Spas, which are known since the 15th century, from the municipality for 600 guldens – a considerable amount for those days. The idyllic village „Steben“ became the Bavarian States Spa and the rest is history.

Leo von Klenze, court architect of Ludwig I. of Bavaria created the face of the Spa Gardens by designing the Spa Building, which was built in the subsequent years. The curved arcades of the Peristyle, which were built in 1910, carefully renovated in the 80’s and shine now with a new glow, are the characterising creative elements of the Spa.

Blick auf den Kurpark

Since 1953 the stylish Spa facilities have been at the guest’s disposal throughout the year. Since the middle of the 90’s, the guests can stroll around the elaborately designed spa area. At the end of the 70’s the Jean-Paul-Spa was opened; after extensive rebuilding and an expansion it was re-opened in 2004 as the new „Therme Bad Steben“ and is appreciated by the guests as an authentic wellness oasis.

In particular, the remedies radon, carbonic acid and natural mud, which find application in the health centre, promise health and well-being.

Since 2001 the visitors of the States Spa can try their luck in the casino of Bad Steben which shines with an impressive new building at the Casinoplatz.

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