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Health & Wellness

Bad Steben - a modern health centre

The remedy combinations in Bad Steben consisting of radon, carbonic acid and natural mud are unique. The Bavarian States Spa has a unique position among health resorts because its competent doctors and therapists are focused more and more on integral treatment concepts.

Studies from the Research Association of Health Resorts have shown a considerable effect of this remedy combination: to be painfree for six months without pharmaceuticals.

Radon-Heilquelle in Bad Steben

In the medical hydrotherapy department of our health centre in Bad Steben you receive the local remedies of radon - carbonic acid - natural mud.

  • In the carbonated mineral bath in the Meadow Spring of Bad Steben you may relax in a bath filled with 28°C to 35°C warm spa water to regenerate your cardiovascular system.
  • The radon mineral bath is quite rare in Germany, filled with water from the Temple Spring, this remedy is applied in cases of arthropathies such as rheumatism, arthrosis and Bekhterev’s desease etc.
  • A bath in natural mud or a mud pack reduces inflammation in affected joints; a beneficial heat treatment helps in case of spine and joint pain.

Furthermore, a broad range of specific applications is offered – starting with classic massages through to cure therapies and pampering health treatments.

In the luxury Wellness Centre traditional healing knowledge is brought together with modern applications. Sensory experiences from softpack treatments to a variety of seductively smelling and pampering massages are „Bad Stebener specialities“, a massage with hot shales or a wellness treatment with natural mud attracts our guests. A special highlight is the spacious spa room where baths become integral experiences with atmospheric lighting and relaxing music. Furthermore, a comfortable shale rasul bath promises pleasant recreation and a gentle peeling effect by the healing mud.

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