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Spa Gardens

The Meadow and Temple Spring as well as the spa facilities in the partly classic Art Nouveau buildings are situated in the southern part of the extensive 40 ha landscaped park which is characterised by English and Mediterranean nature.

The Klenze Building in the Spa Gardens (built according to designs of Leo von Klenze in 1837) is today one of the visiting cards of Bad Steben. Leo von Klenze (1784-1864) was the court architect of Ludwig I. of Bavaria. The Valhalla and the Befreiungshalle in Kehlheim were also built according to his designs. He gave Munich its classic Greek look and was a co-designer of the New Hermitage in St. Petersburg. Adjacent to the Klenze Building the curved arcades of the Peristyle which were carefully renovated in the 80’s and shine now with a new glow, catch the eye of the visitors.

The bandstands have been the musical focus of Bad Steben since 1895. Throughout the year the „Kurmusik“ performs compositions from its wide repertoire, which ranges from popular operettas to waltz and from swing to classical music. The café concerts are full of atmosphere and take place, depending on weather and season, in the winter garden, on the terrace or in the stylish spa building adjacent to the Parkschlösschen.

Kurpark Sommer
Liegen im Kurpark

To each of the buildings, which are dated back to different epochs, free space (according to its proportions and character) is assigned and arranged like ground floors. The ground floors integrate the spa garden activities such as water games, decorative flower beds and recreation and movement rooms for visitors.

The free spaces of the park and grounds are dominated by two different kinds of wooded areas: The landscape park consists of free grouped solitary mature trees, whereas the grounds are planted with small trees with artfully decorated borders. This includes more than one hundred different rhododendrons which are a breathtaking eye catcher during their exceptional flowering months of April to June. In the southern region of the park a romantic rose garden invites you to stroll and linger. Furthermore the numerous baroque stone figures will attract your attention, which are embedded in the borders and decorative beds.

The Spa Gardens of Bad Steben have been Heritage Protected since 2010

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